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Photoart Kalmar



If you would like to buy images please contact me via E-Mail (contact).

For printing I use either an Oce LightJet 500XL ( all prints larger than 127x190 inch) or a Fuji Frontier 550 which gives you the best image quality available today. For business customers it is possible to buy original files for any publishing use, and by request I will give you exclusive publishing rights for a maximum period of 2 years.


Wenn Sie Bilder bestellen möchten kontaktieren Sie mich bitte via E-Mail (contact).

Alle Bilder werden entweder mit einem Oce LightJet 500XL (alle Formate über 50x75cm) oder einem Fuji Frontier 550 ( 30x45cm) ausbelichtet. Dadurch erhalten Sie keinen stumpfen Fotodruck sondern brillante, ausbelichtete Fotos. Für Geschäftskunden besteht die Möglichkeit Dateien für Veröffentlichungen ( auch in Form von Exklusivrechten für 2 Jahre) zu kaufen

IMPORTANT: Please keep in minde, that internet browsers (except Safari) are not color managed applications.

Print Size Print Type Price
30x45 cm/ 12x18 inch
glossy or matte
40x60 cm/ 16x24 inch ( not recomended for film images)
glossy or matte
50x75 cm/ 20x30 inch ( not recomended for film images)
glossy or matte
70x100cm/ 27x41 inch ( only recomended for stiched images)
glossy or matte
Original files
8bit tif uncompressed
by request
Original files exclusive 2 years
8bit tif
by request
Zoomify version for homepage
rental service
by request
Zoomify version for homepage
JPG/ 10
360x180 Flash panorama (13500x6750)
full screen/ incl. 40 Hotspots
360x180 Flash Panorama (7000x3500)
full screen/ incl. 40 Hotspots


larger prints for stiched images by request (maximum size: 180x300cm/ 71x118 inch)



shipping for 30x45cm

5€ extra

*If you order more than one image ask for special price!